Passing indefinite parameters as Method arguments in C#

One might have a situation where he or she needs to pass a number of variables as arguments at runtime. When we are sure of the parameters required, we can declare them in method signature, like

         public static void PrintMessage(string message, int times)
            for (int i = 0; i < times; i++)

In the above example we know that we need a message as string and an int (times) which would be used to display the message a number of times. What if we do not know how many variables of some type or different types are required at compile time, like print a number of messages, together or message or names . Here is params keyword which will gracefully tackle this situation. If we need list of argument of particular type, like string

         public static void PringtMessages(params string[] stringsList)
            foreach (string s in stringsList) { }   
            // your logic here

        // this is how to call
        string[] messages = new string[] { "Message1", "Message2" };

This is how, if we a need to pass different type of objects as indefinite number of arguments

        public static void PrintMessageWithID(params object[] list)
            foreach (string s in list) { } 
            // your logic here
        object[] messageAndId = new object[] { "Message1", 1,  "Message2", 2 };

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